Engagement Opportunities

Exhibiting in the ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition is just the first step. Make sure attendees recognize your brand! Take advantage of these engagement tools to raise your company's profile, and make the most of your exhibit experience. 


Meet the AuthorsMeet the Authors logo

The Meet the Authors program promotes authors/illustrators appearing in exhibitor booths. You must be a contracted exhibitor to participate.

Submission site is now open. Submission deadline: June 16.

Please enter separate submissions for each occurrence of an Author/Illustrator appearance(s) in your exhibit booth.

You can schedule your "Meet the Authors" session at the 2023 ALA Annual Conference during any of our exhibit hours.


Author Autographing Area

ALA is pleased to provide exhibitors with a location to host author autographing sessions. The Author Autographing Area will be located in the back of the exhibit hall. Four autographing stations will be available each hour, Saturday - Monday, 20-minute or 50-minute time slots will be available.  

Submission site is now closed. 


Podcast Recording Booth 

The Podcast Recording Booth will be located on the exhibit floor. 15-minute time slots are available on Monday, June 26 for exhibitors to record a short podcast in a semi-soundproof recording booth as attendees view the recording in progress. Exhibitors are responsible for coordinating the content of their podcast, including securing authors and interviewers. You must be a contracted exhibitor to participate.

The submission site is now closed. All timeslots have been assigned.

ALA will provide the following:

  • Sound and recording equipment and tech to run equipment
  • A digital file of the recording will be provided to the exhibitor
  • Listing of podcast schedule in the online planner and mobile app

Sponsored by:

Indie Book Awards


Invite a Customer

Trade show studies show that attendees are more likely to attend an event when personally invited by an exhibiting company. Invite your best customers and prospects to attend the 2023 ALA Annual Conference Exhibition for the discounted rate of $40.

Invite your customers to the show with a complimentary Preferred Buyers Pass. As an exhibitor, log into your Exhibitor Registration dashboard, and under "Booth Promotion", choose the "Invite a Customer" icon. Just follow a few simple steps to directly send your customer an e-mail that will include a link allowing them to register for "Exhibits Only" at the discounted rate of $40.  

Note: Exhibit Hall-only guests are not allowed on the Exhibit Floor on Friday night. If an exhibitor needs to meet with a visitor, a full-conference, or one-day registration must be purchased.

CompuSystems has sent login credentials for Exhibitor Registration to the Company’s Main Contact. Use the “Forgot Password?” link on the site if you have misplaced your password. If your email is not recognized on the registration platform, please email [email protected].


List Rental

Reach out directly to attendees to make sure they’re aware of your participation. 

ALA is offering the following options to you to reach attendees:

Attendee List Rental
Target buyers by industry segment, demographic profile or geographic area. List counts can be modified to meet your budget requirements. TrafficMax online attendee list rental and marketing system allows you to reach qualified buyers for your products and services through attendee list rental or broadcast email service. List rental and broadcast email service will be available through the Exhibitor Registration site.

Note on Unauthorized list rental
In the past, some ALA exhibitors received communications from companies soliciting ALA attendee lists. Please note that these companies have no affiliation with ALA, and we cannot recommend purchasing a list through them. ALA's official list rental is provided through CompuSystems Lead Management. For more information, call 866/600-5323, or email CompuSystems at [email protected].

Membership Lists
Market your publications and services with ALA Mailing Lists. ALA offers Membership Lists that include Personal and Organizational Members active in special interest Divisions, Sections and Round Tables. ALA Membership Lists also include foreign and Canadian addresses. Additional information on ordering an ALA Membership List.


Diversity in Publishing Title Showcase Diversity in Publishing Title Showcase

The Diversity in Publishing Title Showcase will live online before, during, and after the event and allow exhibitors to enter their books in a searchable database. These titles will then be displayed in the online showcase for attendees to review and connect with the publisher. 

Exhibitors can use the spreadsheet at this link to submit their titles. Instructions:

1. Maximum of ten titles per imprint
2. Include a separate sheet for each company/imprint with the correct publisher information for each.
3. Read the instructions tab on the sheet for shipping information or for book drop off at the show.
4. There will be a link for a searchable online catalog/database for all titles registered
5. A digital catalog will be made available for download at the show and afterwards.

The online registration form can also be used to submit titles. (Submission deadline: May 31, 2023.) Note: must be current exhibitor to participate.  

Information on Exhibiting.


Now Showing @ ALA Film Program Now Showing @ ALA Film Program

The Now Showing @ ALA Film Program offers a variety of films, documentaries, and trailers throughout the day from Saturday through Monday. Many will offer a chance to meet with the film’s writer, director, or subjects. Accepted entries will be notified by ALA. You will need to provide an image to be used for marketing purposes.

Permission to show film must be obtained by the sponsoring organization.

Room and projection equipment will be provided by ALA. All other costs are the responsibility of sponsoring organization.

Submission site is now closed.


Press Releases

Exhibitors can submit press releases to appear in the “News” section of the Annual web site.

Note: Press Releases must be related to your participation in the ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition. Exhibitors can submit a one-line headline for their Press Release, and a PDF file of the Press Release. We will link the PDF file to the one-line headline.

Send headline and PDF file to [email protected].