Sustainability Commitments from the Annual Conference and Conference Partners

Sustainability Image

ALA works with several meeting and conference partners to help make the 2023 ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition possible. These partners have established commitments to sustainability that help ensure a more sustainable meeting experience. 


McCormick Place Chicago

MCormick Place Chicago appreciates your interest in their sustainability program. Their employees take sustainability and environmental impact seriously by always seeking, testing, and implementing new ways to achieve positive results. See a comprehensive overview of the sustainability programs underway at McCormick Place Chicago.


GES (Event Signage and Decoration)

GES promotes a higher level of social responsibility with green programs and initiatives both in-house and with their facility recycling partnerships at show sites. And they are considered an industry thought-leader in green events and exhibitions. Learn more about GES' implementation of several initiatives in their warehouses and with clients at venues around the world.

Kushner & Associates (Shuttle Service)

Shuttles are the most eco-friendly option for point-to-point transportation versus ride share, resulting in lower CO2 emissions and lowering traffic congestion. Kushner & Associates designs the most efficient transportation systems possible utilizing the fewest number of motorcoaches traveling the shortest distances possible. In addition to training drivers to reduce idling and the use of A/C whenever feasible and practical to decrease fuel consumption, Kushner participates in a carbon-offset program to mitigate the shuttle’s carbon footprint. Learn more about Kushner & Associate's green initiatives.